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October Mission Moments
Snday October 1 - A journey toward reconciliation Presbyterians Sharing helps congregations and individuals walk alongside Indigenous people on a journey toward reconciliation. In June, 33 Presbyterians from across Canada visited three of the PCC’s seven Indigenous ministries, worshipped at Mistawasis church and visited the sites where two residential schools were run by the PCC. The group listened to stories of anger and pain and offered apologies. They also witnessed some of the ways in which PCC ministries are transforming lives. At Birdtail Sioux First Nation, site of the Birtle residential school, Doug Hanska thanked the visitors with an honour song. He explains, "The stop they did in Birdtail, I know it may not mean much to a lot of people, but to some of us it means a lot," he said. "We can forgive and move on, like our teachings tell us."
Presbyterians Sharing supports the journey of healing and reconciliation

Sunday, October 8 - Day of the Girl (October 11) - A major obstacle to development in many vulnerable countries is that too many women and girls are unable to pursue their hopes and goals, hindered by discrimination and inequality. In Afghanistan, sports are generally maledominated, but Fahima had a talent for cricket and longed for the chance to play. Presbyterian World Service & Development’s GirlsEducation Program equips schools with sports equipment and leads awarenessraising sessions on the benefits of physical education for students’ cognitive development. Fahima’s school is participating in the program and now has sessions dedicated for girls to play sports.The young athlete could not be more thrilled. “The school made a cricket team and I was selected as captain,” shares Fahima.“I plan on leading my team to victory!”

PWS&D empowers women and girls A PCC Mission Moment''

Sunday, October 15 World Food Day (October 16) - Today, 800 million people worldwide go to bed with an empty stomach. The majority of the world’shungry people are subsistence farmers. These farmers struggle to cultivate plentiful harvests in the midst of a changing climate, which brings unpredictable and extreme weather events that devastate crops.The Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Climate Fund is a way for Canadians to respond to families impacted by climate change. This year, donations to the Climate Fund will support PWS&D’s agro-ecological and food security project in Guatemala. The project has been transformative for Catalina, a farmer who received support to adapt to climate change, grow more vegetables and improve her family’s nutrition. “I am grateful that we can see another way to live a healthy life,” she says. PWS&D helps small-scale farmers adapt to climate change

Sunday, October 22 - Thanks be to God! Presbyterians Sharing supports the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, a Bible translation consultant working in partnership with The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and The Bible Society in Taiwan. In a recent blog post, Paul writes: “Maelaanenge ki Twaumase!” (Thanks be to God!) These words were repeated during the joyful 3-hour thanksgiving service for the publication of the Ngudradrekai Bible on July 11, 2017 at Kucapungane Presbyterian Church in the mountain foothills of southern Taiwan. Nearly 30 years after The Gospel first took root in Old Kucapungane village, Ngudradrekai people now have the complete Bible printed in their own mother language.” The Rev Peter Bush, Moderator of the 2017 General Assembly, attended the celebration. He shares, “To read the Bible in one’s mother language is to be affirmed culturally as a people having value and it is to be called to discipleship following Jesus Christ.” Presbyterians Sharing equips people to read the Bible in their own language