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Mission Moments
December 2: World Soil Day (Dec. 5) - Soil gives life and supports livelihoods around the world. In Badin, Pakistan, Rabia’s life depends on access to rich, fertile soil—she needs it to grow the crops she sells each week at the market. But an especially dry summer has led to severe water shortages in her village. Rabia’s soil was too arid to yield the produce she needs. With support from PWS&D and Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Rabia has learned to adopt agricultural practices that use less water. She also received seeds to grow crops that can survive extended dry periods. “This is highly beneficial for farmers like me, who reside in water-scarce areas,” shares Rabia. PWS&D helps farmers adapt to climate change

December 9: Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) - In many parts of the world, girls face barriers to education and other opportunities to earn a living. In Afghanistan, Zarmina felt frustrated by her community’s belief that a girl’s place is in the home and not in the classroom. In an effort to make life better for her daughters, Zarmina participated in gender equality training with PWS&D partners. Zarmina shared what she learned about a child’s right to an education with other mothers, fathers and village leaders. As a result of her advocacy, the community now enthusiastically supports girls’ education. “We hope that one day there will be no child out of school, not only in our community, but in the entire country.” PWS&D is making a difference for girls around the world

December 16: A learning experience in rural Ontario - In the book of Acts, the disciples traveled far and wide to share the good news of Christ. Through the Rural and Remote Ministry Grant, seminary students are able to gain ministry experience in a rural and remote congregation during the summer. Emily Webb, a Master of Divinity student, participated in a recent placement opportunity at Knox Presbyterian Church in Bayfield, ON. Through this opportunity, Emily was able to develop skills in leading Sunday worship, preaching and pastoral care. Emily’s enthusiasm for mission and worship was a blessing to Knox Bayfield and, in turn, the congregation provided a supporting and encouraging summer placement for Emily.

December 23: Seeking justice for all - Through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, The Presbyterian Church in Canada is working to sow seeds of hope and respond to the justice imperatives of the gospel. God calls us to name injustices, walk with vulnerable people and work with others for the common good. Over the years, Justice Ministries has prepared responses to overtures or motions adopted by General Assembly. These range from statements on genetics, health care, sanctuary for refugees, violence in computer games, the growing gap between rich and poor in Canada and, more recently, inclusion for Presbyterians who are members of the LGBTQI community, the opioids crisis and forced labour. Through Justice Ministries, our church walks with Indigenous peoples on the path towards healing and reconciliation, partners with ecumenical agencies, produces resources and leads workshops on vital justice issues. As followers of Jesus, we are a people of hope.

December 30: Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way - In a region of Saint-Marc in Haiti, three vehicles holding four nurses, a community health worker, medication and 200 kg of Nourimanba—a high calorie food that saves lives—arrive at a primary school, transforming it into a health post for the treatment of severe malnutrition. Supporting local partners through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D is bringing care to children whose families can’t afford medical expenses or the cost of travel to medical facilities. In a region where malnutrition is a leading cause of child mortality, this support is vital. “Since they started mobile clinics, the number of hospitalizations for children with severe malnutrition has decreased dramatically,” says Dr. Martine André, head of pediatrics at Saint-Nicholas Hospital in Saint-Marc.