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July Mission Moments
July 8: Achieving Independence Through Agriculture Training
Esther Beza has many responsibilities. The Malawian farmer takes care of her four children and her elderly parents, all while farming two hectares of land. But with changing rain patterns, low soil fertility and poor access to seeds, Esther’s crops didn’t yield enough food to feed her family. Esther had been skipping meals, but things changed after she participated in an agricultural training project with Presbyterian World Service & Development and Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “I no longer struggle to find seeds, and I have learned to use pig manure for fertilizer,” shares Esther, motivated by the fruitful results of the farming techniques she’s learned. Esther no longer worries about anyone going hungry.

PWS&D invests in agriculture to benefit communities

July 15: Creating new paths of generosity
In April, members of the Stewards by Design planning committee attended the “Pathways to Generosity” conference at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas, Texas. They were inspired by dynamic worship, a diverse group of keynote speakers and workshops on topics ranging from preaching stewardship, narrative budgets, stewardship and social media, legacy giving and the stewardship of creation. The team also met with Dr. Kennon Callahan, keynote speaker for the next Stewards by Design conference planned for May, 2019. Members returned home ready to create new paths of generosity in the PCC’s stewardship ministry.

Presbyterians Sharing supports leadership development

July 22: Pancakes and a Play
Last winter, the caring Sunday School class at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto, ON, hosted a pancake lunch in support of Presbyterian World Service & Development. After reading a short play to illustrate PWS&D’s mission and vision, the children invited guests to feast on pancakes and syrup, yogurt and fruit as they passed around a donation basket. “St. John’s Sunday School pancake lunch raised over $900 for PWS&D,” shares Laurie McGugan, the event organizer. “We were happy that we got so many people out!” Whether saving pennies, launching a campaign or holding a fundraising lunch, generous support from Presbyterians across Canada sustains programs that are building a more sustainable, compassionate and just world.

Faithful to our calling, we respond together

July 29: Diverse people praising God together
In Psalm 86, David praises God saying, “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.” With support from Presbyterians Sharing, the members of Montreal West Presbyterian Church are experiencing this beautiful vision in their own church. God brought a new diversity of people into this once small congregation and the people responded with welcome. The growth of Montreal West over the last several years, and their renewed sense of vitality and joy is a testament to the importance of inter-cultural ministry and the power of the God who created all nations.