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May Mission Moments
May 6: A dynamic gathering of youth
Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support the vibrant ministry of Canada Youth. Every two years, hundreds of participants join together from across our denomination to celebrate their energetic faith. This remarkable event in July unites youth, young adults, church leaders and guests from around the world for five days of soul-satisfying worship, unique expressions of faith in large and small groups, dynamic keynotes and workshops, vibrant faith exploration and joyful celebration! CY is a gathering place for all kinds of enthusiastic Presbyterians to worship, play, create, learn, make new friends, study scripture, and share joy. More than 4,000 folks have attended CY since it began and the impact of its ministry has been felt in our camps, congregations, and courts. Presbyterians Sharing equips Presbyterian youth

May 13: International Day of Families (May 15)
When families are able to form safe and nurturing relationships, meet their basic needs and lift each other up, it can have a significant impact on a country’s well-being and development. On the International Day of Families, we reflect on the importance of responding to families facing hunger, poverty and injustice across the globe. The compassionate youth at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Beaconsfield, QC know how important it is to empower vulnerable families to achieve their full potential. The group filled a piggy bank with $144 for PWS&D’s Farming for the Future Sunday School Challenge, which equips rural families in Guatemala with seeds, tools and training to improve their food security and nutrition.
PWS&D connects Canadians to the needs of families across the globe

May 20: Medical ministry in Nepal
“We serve, Jesus heals” is the motto of Tansen Mission Hospital in western Nepal, which serves a population of one million. Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support Dr. Nicholaus Bauman, a surgeon appointed to the United Mission to Nepal. As part of the Tansen Hospital medical and surgical team, made up of Nepali and international physicians, Nick responds to referrals for gynecology, urology, and abdominal problems. Nick also teaches post-graduate students enrolled in the Medical Doctorate in General Practice. He shares, “Our faith community has always stressed the importance of mission, particularly the sense that our lives are not our own, but are gifts, and that we are entrusted by God to be stewards of this gift.” Nick is joined in Nepal by his wife Becky and their four children. Presbyterians Sharing supports international mission staff

May 27: Enjoying school and pursuing dreams
Zindaba’s story is not uncommon in many Malawian communities—children want to go to school but their families can’t afford the fees. Zindaba feels very fortunate that her aunt paid for her first two years at school, a time the girl recalls with great joy. “The teachers were good and encouraged us a lot,” she shares. Unfortunately, the expense became too great a struggle for her aunt. When Zindaba had to drop out, she never imagined she’d make it to university, but education support from PWS&D helped Zindaba pay her school fees and gave her support to pursue her dreams. Today, proudly displaying her university class scores, a smiling Zindaba talks about training to be an accountant. PWS&D promotes the right to education for all