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April Mission Moments

April 7: World Health Day (April 7)
Good health starts with good nutrition—especially for young children. In a poor village in Haiti, one-year-old Marcellus was losing weight rapidly and had a persistent cough. Because of crop losses, his single mother was struggling to feed the little boy and his five siblings. She knew Marcellus needed medical attention, but the price of transport to the closest health facility was more than she could afford. Hope came to Marcellus’s mother in the form of a mobile clinic supported by Presbyterian World Service & Development and other Canadian Foodgrains Bank members. There, Marcellus received a nutrient-rich food supplement called Nourimanba, antibiotics and multivitamins. Marcellus is no longer malnourished and is on course to grow up healthy and strong.
PWS&D brings health care closer to home

April 14: Creating community for new Canadians
Life in Christ Ministry provides support and assistance for Arabic and Farsi speaking refugees living in the Greater Toronto Area. Each year, the ministry offers a New Beginnings Training Program that provides practical workshops aimed at helping refugees adapt to local Canadian communities, including learning English and developing other life skills. By offering games and activities for children at the same time as adult workshops, the program responds to the need for parents to attend programs with their children. In addition, the program provides meaningful job opportunities for students and volunteers.
Presbyterians Sharing welcomes refugees

April 21: Earth Day (April 22)
On Earth Day, we reflect on the uniqueness of God’s creation and the ecosystems that nourish us. Unfortunately, contributions to greenhouse gas emissions continue to take a toll on the planet’s health and trigger extreme weather patterns such as prolonged drought and heavy rains. These weather patterns can make it difficult for small-scale farmers in the global south to meet their food needs and earn liveable incomes. The need to adapt to these challenges is now a reality, and Presbyterian World Service & Development is providing support. In Guatemala, Haiti, Malawi and Nicaragua, PWS&D is empowering farmers to learn sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming techniques that both heal the earth and improve crop yields.
PWS&D helps the earth and future generations flourish

April 28: Rebuilding businesses and dreams
In Malawi, Lucia and her husband care for their six orphaned grandchildren. It’s a lot of work to meet the needs of a large family, but Lucia was earning a good income running a grocery store—a dream she’d always had. When her husband fell ill, Lucia used all her earnings to pay hospital bills and could no longer afford her grandchildren’s school fees. When her husband was discharged, Lucia had no money left to rebuild the business she loved. An answer to her prayers, Lucia received a loan to get her store running again through a Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported self-help group. “I was worried about how I would pay school fees and provide for my grandchildren’s basic needs,” Lucia said. “Self-help groups have really helped.”
PWS&D empowers families out of poverty