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August Mission Moments
August 4: A healthy start for newborns - In addition to providing skilled and compassionate care during pregnancy and delivery, PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health program is improving the well-being of children during their first few years of life. Part of this is ensuring that newborns access postnatal care and necessary vaccinations. In Afghanistan, Fatima hadn’t had her 10-month-old seen by a health worker since the day she was born. She is filled with gratitude for the community health worker who visited her home and told her about the importance of protecting newborns against infection through vaccinations. The health worker also told Fatima that this care is provided at a new PWS&D-supported health facility only two kilometres away. “I would not have known how important vaccinations are for children,” shares Fatima.
PWS&D improves health outcomes for children

August 11: Spreading the gospel message - Just as the early disciples travelled to share the good news of the gospel, Cariboo Presbyterian Church is working to spread the love of Christ to rural and remote regions of British Columbia with support from Presbyterians Sharing. The “southern” part of the ministry is made up of five house churches around the 100 Mile House and Lac La Hache areas. Combined, the house churches reach more than 150 people who reside in areas that are considered beyond the reach of the traditional church. Bruce Wilcox has served as the southern region’s leader for the past several years and credits the ministry’s consistent growth to the work of the Holy Spirit and the desire for God’s family to gather in community despite geographical challenges. Presbyterians Sharing is spreading the gospel message

August 18: World Humanitarian Day (August 19) - In communities ravaged by violent conflict, people are driven from their homes and left without access to food, water and safe shelter. The horror of life disrupted by conflict has become a tragic reality for Alifa from Myanmar. She still feels numb with shock nine months after being forced to flee her home when the military opened fire on her village. Alifa and her family managed to find shelter in Bangladesh, but the uncertainty of life keeps her in darkness. What does bring comfort is that she has been able to feed her children through support from PWS&D and members of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This support is keeping Alifa’s family alive until they can return to a peaceful home.
PWS&D responds to people displaced by conflict

August 25: A home away from home - When her niece fell ill, Zenabu was accused by her sister of bewitching the little girl. Belief in witchcraft continues to be widespread in Ghana, and those accused can face relentlessly cruel treatment. Zenabu feared for her safety, until she found sanctuary at the PWS&D-supported Gambaga Camp—a refuge for women who have been accused of witchcraft. Zenabu has been trained in soap making and earns an income by selling her handiwork. She enjoys the self-reliance that comes with the chance to sell her goods. Even as PWS&D works with communities to help them see that misfortune is not a result of witchcraft, this support is giving women like Zenabu the chance to lead safe and meaningful lives.
PWS&D responds to ensure safety and security