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February Mission Moments
February 3: PWS&D Sunday
Inspired by God’s promise of abundant life, PWS&D envisions a sustainable, compassionate and just world. February 3 is PWS&D Sunday—a day to celebrate the work our church is doing to make this vision a reality, empowering people out of poverty, hunger and oppression. Through programs in sustainable development and emergency relief, we are helping women, men and children get what they need to improve their well-being, recover from emergency situations and plan for futures abundant in the blessings of Christ. This work would not be possible without the faithful support of individuals and congregations across Canada, and our partners overseas. Today and every day, we give thanks for those striving for justice, mercy and peace throughout the world.
PWS&D envisions a sustainable, compassionate and just world

February 10: Welcoming the stranger in Hungary
For Stephanie Chunoo, mission is “God’s people helping those who are in need.” Stephanie, a young adult intern, works with dedicated staff and volunteers at Kalunba, a refugee ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Stephanie has been putting into action God’s call to welcome the stranger since October 2018. At Kalunba, refugees and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon attend Hungarian language classes and receive assistance in finding employment and housing. The goal is to have these new members well integrated within one year of their arrival in Hungary. Stephanie assists with child care, teaches English classes and helps plan activities for the children. A member of Leaside Presbyterian Church in Toronto, Stephanie is appreciative of support and prayers from Canada.
Presbyterians Sharing sends young adults to support partner churches

February 17: World Day of Social Justice (Feb. 20)
Ayishetu Abu had not seen her family in eight years. She was living at the Gambaga Outcast Home in Ghana—a shelter for women facing accusations of witchcraft. In many Ghanaian communities, there is a tendency to suspect witchcraft as the cause of crop failure, the death of a child or any other unexplained event. In addition to improving living conditions at the shelter, Presbyterian World Service & Development works to foster social acceptance among these communities and educate village leaders about human rights, mental illness, disabilities and other health issues often mistakenly attributed to witchcraft. To ensure more women like Ayishetu can embrace opportunities that are the right of every person, PWS&D will continue working for justice and peace.
PWS&D promotes peace and tolerance

February 24: A ministry of care and companionship
Jesus showed care and compassion to those living on the margins of society, teaching us how to be a neighbour to everyone in need. In the same way, Boarding Homes Ministry strives to build community in the Greater Toronto area. Volunteers practice inclusion by visiting and sharing meals with people living in low-income housing, who are often isolated due to the stigmas of mental illness, addictions and poverty. The ministry also provides educational workshops for faith communities on how to be more welcoming and supportive to people who have experienced mental illness and trauma.
Presbyterians Sharing cares for vulnerable people