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January Mission Moments
January 6: Every gift matters
Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing reflect the joint efforts and witness of Presbyterians across Canada who live out the gospel message in all aspects of life. Together, we put our faith into action by equipping congregations, ministries and presbyteries; engaging in evangelism, outreach and discipleship; embracing local, national and international mission work; living out God’s call to justice; empowering youth; engaging in healing and reconciliation; creating new faith communities and supporting congregations – and so much more! Dr. Nick Bauman, who spent the past 2 years serving as PCC mission staff in Nepal, shares, “Our lives are not our own, but are gifts, and we are entrusted by God to be stewards of these gifts.” Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing are making a difference, thanks to the generosity of Presbyterians across Canada. Every gift matters!
Presbyterians Sharing is making a difference

January 13: A warm welcome for Jumai
Whenever Jumai went out into his Nepali village, he would be cruelly mocked because of his ulcers, sore patches and swollen legs. Jumai was living with leprosy and couldn’t afford to pay for ongoing treatment. Visiting the PWS&D-supported Shining Hospital changed everything. When Jumai was admitted, he was struck by something more than the timely service and quality medical care—the love and acceptance he felt was a welcome relief after years of shame and judgement. “I feel at home in this hospital,” says Jumai. “I receive such good care.” Filled with thanks for PWS&D, Jumai looks forward to a better future. PWS&D treats leprosy with compassion

January 20: Serving vulnerable people in Romania
Life is difficult in Romania. The monthly salary of a school teacher is the equivalent of about $250 USD, so many people feel forced to leave in search of work in other EU countries. This economic migration is creating new challenges for the Romanian society. There are over 300,000 migration orphans and a growing number of elderly people who are left behind. The good news is that they are not left alone. Since 2011, Diakonia Christian Foundation for Social Work of the Reformed Church in Romania has been reaching out to Roma children, people living with disabilities, and the elderly. In 2017, the foundation’s social workers and volunteers made over 8,200 visits to the elderly, providing services such as helping with personal hygiene, cleaning and providing medical care or devices. Your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing are helping to accompany and care for vulnerable people in Romania. Presbyterians?Sharing cares for vulnerable people

January 27: Providing hope for New Canadians
With support from Presbyterians Sharing, Action Réfugiés Montréal provides direct, person-to-person assistance to help refuges start new lives in Canada. They help refugee claimants, accepted refugees and sponsored refugees access protection and justice, and develop a sense of belonging in Canadian society. For more than 20 years, Action Réfugiés has provided programs to create social support and networking opportunities for newly arrived refugee families. Recently, they started a new men’s dinner program that offers a meal along with social programming. These programs help to reduce social isolation and provide practical knowledge for living in Canada. Presbyterians?Sharing supports refugees