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November Mission Moments
November 3: Connecting with neighbours - Around the Well is a new missional experiment of the Presbytery of Westminster that reaches out to people living on the University of British Columbia’s campus and its surrounding communities. The focus of this ministry is to gather a diverse group of Christians invested in connecting with neighbours as part of their commitment to intentional Christian living. With events that draw people in and initiatives that lead the group out, Around the Well ministry hopes to be a blessing to their community and introduce their neighbours to a life with Christ.
Presbyterians Sharing is reaching out to neighbours

November 10: Take the Advent challenge! - During the Advent season, we celebrate God’s amazing gift—Jesus! This gift changed the world. Inspired by God’s overwhelming generosity, we work to make a difference for our people across the globe. Each week of Advent, PWS&D challenges individuals and congregations to share the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love with those living in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. In the midst of poverty, injustice and disaster, the Christ light shines. To help create bright futures through the Advent Challenge, visit
PWS&D is sharing the hope, peace, joy and love of Christmas

November 17: A healthier future - November 19 is?World Toilet Day. Toilets are vital for improving sanitation and health in countries around the world. Without proper toilets, human waste can get into water sources, and killer diseases spread quickly. That’s why the sudden loss of latrines in a disaster zone is such an urgent health issue. In Mulanje, Malawi, about 4,000 toilets were damaged by rising water levels produced by Cyclone Idai, which swept through southeastern Africa in March. In the wake of the storm, families in the region—especially children under five—faced an increased risk of contracting cholera and typhoid. PWS&D responded by helping local partners rebuild latrines. Now with safe and working toilets available, 2,600 families in the hardest hit areas are looking towards a healthier future.
PWS&D improves sanitation

November 24: Making connections and finding community - For many years, Erskine Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ont., has been a congregation that deeply loves both Jesus and their neighbourhood, a church where the gospel is preached in word and action each week. Now Erskine has a vision to become a beacon for health and wholeness in the community—a “Neighborhood Wellness Hub” where individuals and families can connect with services and groups that will lead them to greater wellness. Already partnerships are forming—with youth shelters, food banks, government agencies and other local churches—that will enable Erskine to offer new services to neighbours and to foster connection, community and well-being.
Presbyterians Sharing is bringing people together