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October Mission Moments
October 6: World Teachers’ Day (Oct. 5) - Many children around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school for a variety of reasons—one of them is a lack of trained teachers. To improve access to quality education that helps children escape cycles of poverty, PWS&D’s girls education project in Afghanistan runs workshops to strengthen the capacity of teachers. Teachers are educated about child rights, gender and peace, and trained in improved teaching methods to ensure that access to education translates to positive learning outcomes for girls and boys. “My lessons were difficult and sometimes boring for the students,” admits Ismatullah, a school teacher in Bamyan, Afghanistan. “After receiving this training, I learned interactive teaching methods that improve the teaching quality and engagement of the students during classroom activities.” PWS&D helps teachers thrive

October 13: World Food Day (Oct. 16) - Yemen’s four-year civil war has produced the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet and put thousands at risk of famine. Instability has disrupted food production and access, leaving women and men trapped in cycles of hunger, and children facing acute malnutrition. Staggeringly, conflict is named as the cause of acute food insecurity in 18 countries around the world. PWS&D responds to hunger by delivering food and nutrition assistance in times of conflict or disaster. In Yemen, PWS&D is supporting members of Canadian Foodgrains Bank to provide 1,100 hungry families with packages of flour, beans, oil, sugar and salt. “Hope has started to appear over the horizon,” says Wardan, who is relieved to be able to feed her daughters again. PWS&D meets food needs in time of conflict

October 20: Celebrating youth in Hungary - Heeding the PCC’s call for young adults to participate in the Reformed Church in Hungary’s Starpoint Youth Festival in July, Maya Kirstein (Prairie PC, Winnipeg), Philip MacFie (Parkwood PC, Ottawa), and Hanna Yun (Kitchener-Waterloo Korean PC) jumped at the chance. Supported by Presbyterians Sharing, they joined thousands of Reformed young people between the ages of 14 and 35 from Hungary Romania, Syria, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, USA, Scotland, Taiwan, Korea, UK and France for worship and fellowship in Debrecen, Hungary. As they praised God in one voice and discussed current issues in small groups under the theme of “Unity and Community,” they realized that they had more in common than differences. More importantly, that we are all part of God’s Global Church! Presbyterians Sharing encourages youth

October 27: Hope abounds - Cyclical PCC is a church-planting initiative within The Presbyterian Church in Canada that encourages presbyteries and leaders to take first steps towards beginning new worshipping communities. At the Spring 2019 Cyclical PCC Gathering, 46 leaders discerned ways that the Holy Spirit is calling the PCC to plant new ministries. Not only are people interested in starting new worshipping communities, but such communities are already beginning, and there is a growing interest in taking part in this work. The task of starting new worshipping communities belongs to the whole denomination. Please pray for the leaders already engaged in this work and for new leaders as they discern their involvement. Presbyterians Sharing is planting new ministries