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February Mission Moments
February 2: PWS&D Sunday - Inspired by Godís promise of abundant life, PWS&D envisions a sustainable, compassionate and just world. On February 2, we celebrate PWS&D and the meaningful work being done around the world to bring hope to those experiencing poverty, hunger and oppression. Farmers and their families in Haiti, Nicaragua and Pakistan are learning innovative farming practices to help cope with a changing climate and rise above hunger. Maternal and child mortality rates continue to decrease in Malawi and Afghanistan. Refugees have received support overseas and been welcomed to new homes in Canada. These stories of transformation are possible because of the generosity of Presbyterians across Canada. Thank you! PWS&D is thankful for your generous support

February 9: Ministry through?art - Working in partnership with Prairie Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg Inner City Missions has started a new arts ministry that celebrates Indigenous culture and art. Over the next few months, volunteers and Indigenous artists will be offering art classes to children with an emphasis on graffiti art. The art produced by the children will be used, in part, to create a large mural covering three sides of the Flora House garage (a WICM program space). The project will culminate in the spring with a weekend-long community event filled with games, activities, music, entertainment and food to celebrate and unveil the new mural.
Presbyterians Sharing supports Indigenous ministries

February 16: CY 2020: No End in Sight - This July, hundreds of youth, young adults and leaders will gather for five days of soul-satisfying worship at Canada?Youth. They will enjoy unique expressions of faith in both large and small groups, inspiring keynotes and workshops, dynamic faith exploration and joyful celebration. For 20 years, CY has been a gathering place for all kinds of enthusiastic Presbyterians to worship, play, create, learn, dance, sing, act, make new friends, study scripture, share joy, reflect, pray and share. More than 4,000 people have attended the event since it began, and the impact has been felt across our church. Presbyterians?Sharing provides support for this unique event which comes around once every two years. Letís celebrate the vibrant ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada!
Presbyterians Sharing supports Canada Youth

February 23: Screening for health in Somalia - Samsam, a mother of five, lives in a community in Somalia where access to food is a consistent struggle and many people are malnourished. Samsam jumped at the opportunity to join a PWS&D-supported program to learn about nutrition for infants and young children. Through this program, she discovered a simple trick for determining whether a child or mother is malnourished: taking a measurement near the top of their arm. Now, by helping community members screen for malnutrition, Samsam is making sure that people in her village are receiving the care that they need. This program demonstrates the multiplying effect of enabling communities to help themselves. With 1,540 people trained on how to measure malnutrition in this way, over 15,000 children and 5,000 women have been screened so far. PWS&D helps children and mothers embrace a more promising future