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Sunday, November 1 - Mission Moment – Coaching During COVID-19 - Ministry leaders had to adapt quickly to the changes brought about by COVID-19. In this new context, leaders need thoughtful, wise and prayerful approaches to ministry. In order to help PCC leaders think through and develop next steps, the PCC, with the support of funds raised through Presbyterians Sharing, offered free, one-time coaching sessions to ministry leaders. Many ministries from across the country benefitted from this support and were able to engage in innovative ministry during a difficult time.

Sunday, November 8 - Mission Moment – Providing More Than Medicine
When Devika first noticed something wrong with her leg, she visited her local hospital in Nepal to get it checked out, but after a few years, Devika’s skin problems had gotten worse, not better. After visiting many clinics and traditional healers, Devika still couldn’t find a solution. When she was just about to give up hope, Devika’s friend suggested she visit the Shining Hospital. Supported by Presbyterian World Service & Development, the hospital provides support, treatment and education for people suffering from leprosy. At the hospital, the staff diagnosed Devika’s skin condition, provided the proper medicine and taught her about her condition. Today, Devika is thankful for the support she received!

Sunday, November 15 - Mission Moment – Together, We are Making a Difference!
Presbyterians Sharing is about mission. It’s about ministry. It’s about working together, to share the good news of the gospel in Canada and around the world. Through our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, we revitalize churches and support innovative worship. We empower young people to grow in their faith, and prepare leaders to serve the church. We care for God’s creation and advocate for human rights. We walk with Indigenous Peoples on a journey of healing and reconciliation. We work with international partners to support leadership development, Christian education and evangelism. And so much more! When we work together, we can accomplish more than we can imagine. Together, we are making a difference.

Sunday, November 22 - Mission Moment – Stable Housing. Stronger Communities. Healthier Lives.
Winnipeg Inner City Missions (WICM), a recognized Indigenous ministry in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, has long understood the connection between stable housing and social well-being. When a person is safely and adequately housed, it becomes easier to find employment, develop healthy relationships and break habits of addiction. WICM operates a transitional housing complex coupled with an employment program to help give people in Winnipeg’s North End and inner city a place from which to heal, grow and become who God has made them to be.

Sunday, November 29 - Mission Moment – Responding to COVID-19 Globally
As COVID-19 continues to affect people and communities around the world, Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) is responding to some of those most impacted. After initially supporting lifesaving and urgent care projects, PWS&D is now helping provide long-term COVID-19 relief through Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ACT Alliance. Given the enormous risk of food insecurity, food aid is being provided. PWS&D is also helping ensure families have access to clean water and sanitation, and that COVID-19 prevention messages are being shared. Additionally, psychosocial support is being offered to help cope with the effects of the pandemic.

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