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Mission Moments - February 2021
February 7 - Mission Moment – PWS&D Sunday
Inspired by God’s promise of abundant life, Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) envisions a sustainable, compassionate and just world. On PWS&D Sunday, we celebrate and reflect on the work our church is doing to ensure vulnerable communities around the world are able to improve their quality of life. From responding to emergencies to helping people access nutritious food, clean water, adequate health care and quality education, PWS&D is helping people thrive. Through the generous support of individuals and congregations, and in collaboration with global partners, we respond together.

Sunday, February 14 - Mission Moment – A Meaningful Message
St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Creston, B.C., is a small, remote church tucked away in the Kootenay Valley. With a grant from Presbyterians Sharing to support ministry in remote communities, they called the Rev. Stephen Vangroonen to their congregation in the hope that he would help strengthen and grow their ministry. But shortly after he and his family arrived, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the congregation found itself adapting quickly to move their services online. Then, when churches were permitted to reopen, they had to adapt to the new health and safety protocols. Throughout it all, the Rev. Vangroonen has blessed St. Stephen’s with a positive outlook, continually encouraging the new community he serves to trust God and share the love of Christ with others—a meaningful message during this turbulent time.

Sunday, February 21 – First Sunday in Lent - Mission Moment – Certainty in the Midst of Change
We live in a world that is constantly changing. The past year brought unprecedented change, and we had to learn to adapt in our lives, jobs and congregations. In the midst of so much change, Presbyterians Sharing has continued to support the mission and ministry we do together—often in new and adaptive ways. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to one another, discerning together, moving forward together, being in community together, sharing God’s message together, confronting injustice together and caring for vulnerable people together. That’s what Presbyterians Sharing is all about. As we put our gifts into God’s hands, God is doing remarkable things.

Sunday, February 28 – Second Sunday in Lent - Mission Moment – Hygiene Kits Protect Families in Nicaragua
“As a family, we try to take all the necessary measures, like covering our nose when sneezing, avoiding shaking hands or going places where there might be large crowds. For many of the families in our community, it’s not possible to acquire protection materials like face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer or cleaning materials due to rising prices in the market. We are so thankful for all of you and the help you bring to our community.” Like many in Nicaragua, María struggles to access proper protection materials and cleaning products due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presbyterian World Service & Development, through local partners, is helping people like María and her whole community, receive hygiene and sanitation items, ensuring they are prepared to safely face the pandemic.