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Sunday, January 3 - Mission Moment – Frank and Joyce’s Fields - In Gwebe village in Malawi, Frank and his wife, Joyce, proudly look over their lush fields. For the past three years, Frank has been using conservation agriculture techniques that were taught to him by Presbyterian World Service & Development partners to help him harvest more. Conservation agriculture teaches farmers to protect and improve soil fertility, conserve water and make locally available resources into fertilizers. Over the years, Frank became a lead farmer in his village. His thriving fields are a reminder of how efficient conservation agriculture can be, setting an example as he teaches and empowers other farmers to use the same methods to increase their harvest.

Sunday, January 10 - Mission Moment – PCCWeb Presence for Congregations and Ministries
A website extends the ministry and mission of a congregation beyond church walls, giving members the ability to make the most of their church experience and allowing visitors the opportunity to learn more about a congregation. A great church website should share details about your congregation’s ministry, highlight news and events, offer online worship services, and let people know about upcoming activities, mission projects and fundraisers. Your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing equip congregations and groups of the PCC with simple and easily maintained websites through PCCWeb—a free web hosting and technical support service provided by the Communications Office. To learn more, visit

Sunday, January 17 - Mission Moment – Paving the Way for a Brighter Future
Anxious and unsure about his future, Abdul was 14 years old when he joined the electronics and computer program offered by the Joint Christian Committee for Social Service (JCC) in Lebanon. Now 19 years old and equipped with a diploma and five years of experience, he has a good job and an income to support his family. JCC’s vocational training programs teach marketable skills and offer hope for many young Palestinian refugees who are out of school and living without a dream or ambition. Through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, the PCC has been supporting this lifegiving program since 2018. Sylvia Haddad, JCC Director, shared that “equipping youth, and especially refugees who have nothing, with a skill or vocation is very important. The challenge is great, but we cannot give up and are grateful for your support.”

Sunday, January 24 - Mission Moment – Providing Food for the Displaced
In Syria, conflict continues to plague the population, causing over six million people to become internally displaced. As a result, many people are faced with a lack of access to food, loss of employment, high prices and inflation, making them very vulnerable. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Working with partners at Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Presbyterian World Service & Development is providing food baskets to 7,400 families to help meet daily food requirements. During these times of uncertainty, the food baskets will provide a source of sustenance for the families.

Sunday, January 31 - Mission Moment – Knowledge Nourishes Babies and Families
When Cristina Flete gave birth to her first baby, she wasn’t aware of how crucial exclusive breastfeeding and developmental activities could be to her child’s long-term health. When her second child was born, Cristina attended a workshop facilitated by Presbyterian World Service & Development’s (PWS&D) local partner in Nicaragua. With other mothers, Cristina learned the importance of breastmilk for a child’s developing brain and how to create materials to stimulate her child’s mind. Additionally, culinary classes empower parents with tools to help with their families’ overall health. With PWS&D support, families are combating malnutrition and chronic illness, giving their babies the best chance for a future of good health.
Mission Moments - January 2021