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Mission Moments - April 2021
Sunday, April 4 – Easter Sunday - Mission Moment – Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit
Food is central to fellowship, providing both physical and emotional nourishment. Not surprisingly, some of the ministries supported by gifts to Presbyterians Sharing share God’s love through food. The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise in Hamilton, Ont., provides nourishment with their homemade soup, while giving meaningful employment to people with disabilities and mental health illnesses. Cooking and nutrition workshops at Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre in Montreal, Que., help parents of young children open up as they discuss the challenges of parenting. Besides providing lunches at their drop-in centre, Kenora Fellowship Centre in Kenora, Ont., hosts a monthly Elder’s Breakfast to show respect and care for elderly patrons, many of whom are survivors of Indian Residential Schools. These ministries are sharing the love of Christ through hospitality.

Sunday, April 11 - Mission Moment – Annakala Finds Answers at Shining Hospital
In Nepal, Annakala Nepali was living in significant discomfort. Severe problems with her fingers, along with loss of sensation in her legs and tingling in her body were followed by vision problems. In Annakala’s community, many people prefer traditional healers to address their medical problems—Annakala decided to do the same. However, she still suffered after the visit. Her daughter-in-law, on seeing her in pain and suspecting that it might be due to leprosy, encouraged Annakala to visit the Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported Shining Hospital. Once she was admitted to the hospital, she was officially diagnosed with leprosy and started treatment, which has improved her symptoms and pain. Annakala is very grateful for the Shining Hospital’s care, love and support.

Sunday, April 18 - Mission Moment – Equipping Farmers to Thrive
Andrew and Flora successfully grow rice, cassava, maize and groundnuts on their two acres of farmland in Malawi as a result of adopting conservation agriculture practices to help their farm flourish and better cope with droughts. Last year, Andrew and Flora attended Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported training to learn how to rotate crops and protect the soil. In addition to conservation agriculture workshops, they also attended gender training where they learned the importance of working together. With these tools, Andrew and Flora now enjoy the rewards of conservation agriculture.

Sunday, April 25 – Mission Awareness Sunday - Mission Moment – Arising
ARISE Ministry offers compassionate outreach and spiritual care to survivors of sexual exploitation living in the Greater Toronto Area. Inspired by Jesus’ healing of the woman who was afflicted for 18 years with a condition that kept her bent over (Luke 13:10–17), ARISE aims to help those who have been living “bent over” by exploitation, trauma, abuse and addiction. Staff and volunteers work with vulnerable women, youth and children by providing one-on-one, goal-oriented support. As relationships strengthen, hope and empowerment are fostered, making it possible for futures to be reclaimed. Like the woman in the gospel of Luke, several women that ARISE has helped are now standing straight and tall, and God continues to do amazing things in their lives. This is a reason to rejoice!