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Mission Moments - May2021
Sunday, May 2 - Mission Moment – Empowering Youth in Malawi
The people in Malawi’s Mzimba District face many challenges. School dropout rates are high and teen pregnancy is on the rise. More women are experiencing gender-based violence, and there is a lack of knowledge about HIV transmission and prevention. To help address and educate the community about these issues, Presbyterian World Service & Development’s local partner, Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme, has trained 20 community facilitators to teach parents how to nurture adolescents. The facilitators help parents engage youth on issues such as sexual and reproductive health, teen pregnancy, early marriage and the transmission of HIV. The project has been successful in encouraging adolescents to return to school after dropping out.

Sunday, May 9 (Christian Family Sunday) - Mission Moment – Ministry of Hope and Care
Fernando’s dream of becoming a police officer seemed out of reach when he and his brother were children living on the streets of Miscke, a rural village in Romania. Twelve years later, he attends university and is closer to fulfilling his dream thanks to Samuel House, where Fernando and his brother found a welcoming home. Samuel House is a Christian social ministry of the Reformed Church in Romania, Királyhágómellék District, providing nutritious food, education and after-school care to children from disadvantaged families. Presbyterians Sharing has been supporting this important ministry of hope and care since 2014.

Sunday, May 16 (Ascension Sunday) - Mission Moment – Transform Online Course
Last fall, ministry leaders from across Canada came together for The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Transform online course. Over four weeks, Rick Morse—co-creator of the New Beginnings church renewal program and author of Making a Congregational Plan that Makes Sense—challenged leaders to imagine what it means to faithfully respond to God’s mission and engage others to be missional. The course, which was made possible through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, equipped leaders with the transformative tools, principles and insights necessary to discern God’s call for their ministries’ futures and create plans for moving forward.

Sunday, May 23 (Pentecost | Healing & Reconciliation Sunday) - Mission Moment – Worship Resources to Do God’s Work - This year, Pentecost and Healing and Reconciliation Sunday fall on the same day, making it a day not only for celebration, but also for solemn reflection and prayer for the Indigenous children who attended residential schools and the people who are living with its legacy. Resources to help worship leaders develop services to mark the church’s birthday and honour its commitment to reconciliation are available on the PCC website at Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing have helped build this comprehensive library of worship resources, providing congregations with free materials (seasonal, intergenerational, ecumenical, etc.) to do God’s work throughout the year.

Sunday, May 30 (Trinity Sunday) - Mission Moment – Supporting Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh - Four years ago, the Myanmar military began a campaign of violent attacks against the Rohingya. Widespread killing, torture, robbery and assault forced over 700,000 Rohingya from their homes into neighbouring Bangladesh. Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) responded and continues to do so. We are providing lifesaving food assistance and temporary shelter, and ensuring that psychosocial support is available to those who need it. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the crowded refugee camps, PWS&D is helping ensure families have access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Families are also receiving food vouchers to help meet nutritional needs and boost the local economy.