Knox Kids’ Camp 2023

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Knox Kids’ Camp will be a fun and creative summer ministry of Knox Presbyterian Church, Woodstock. Through the camp, young adult staff and high school aged team members will be challenged to recognize and develop their leadership skills and individual gifts while learning to work as a team and take responsibility for the safety and needs of the children who attend.


Knox Kids’ Camp exists to provide a safe and meaningful Christian day camp to the children who attend and to develop the leadership skills of the youth and young adults who lead this ministry.


Knox Kids’ Camp strives to

  • Welcome children, their families, and youth into our church building
  • Provide safe and engaging activities which encourage the children to grow in faith, friendship, skills, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Offer concrete opportunities for the participants to explore and share their faith
  • Develop leadership skills in young people and the ability to work together as a team
  • Empower young people to develop and use their individual talents and gifts
  • Be a faithful and positive Christian witness in the downtown core of Woodstock
  • Offer safe and affordable care for families in the community.